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From time to time I find a piece of software, a book, or a piece of hardware that I believe to be so impressive or horrible I feel compelled to tell others about it. This is where you'll find what I like as well as what I hate. These are my opinions. Yours may differ.

I do not receive anything from any company listed on the following pages to recommend their product. Nor do I work for any of them (sigh).  All information I give will be current as of the time I tried/used the product. I may or may not create updates as the product changes. To be listed in the following pages the product must either be truly great or horrible in my opinion for me to write about it.

If any of you want info about a product not listed here feel free to email me and I'll tell you what I know.

Any company wishing to use any of my reviews are
encouraged to email me at .
(and an application for employment would be nice too!)

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Last Revised: 07/03/2001