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Welcome to the PuterGeek.Com website survey.  I'd like to thank you for taking the time to fill this out.  This survey is only for your and my benefit.  What you have to say here will help me make this a better site.

Please take your time and answer as completely as possible.  I've tried to keep the typing to a minimum.  All items in red are totally optional.  If you wish to remain anonymous don't put in your email address.  If you put in your email I'll respond back to you.

Here is why I'm doing this survey.  Since the site is getting more popular I feel it's important to make the site as easy as possible to use.  Easy on the eyes,  as well as easy on the brain.  Plus I've made a couple design decisions and I'd like to make sure that it doesn't cause problems for you guys.  Colors, resolution, fonts, lack of sound, banners, etc...  So here's your chance to praise me or bitch at me (grin).

I'd like to say that there's a drawing for a new car, but since this is all free to you I have no way to provide the car. :-)

Please don't take the survey until you've seen most of the website and take a look at all of the questions before you begin.  If you feel the survey is too long or if you don't want to answer all the questions please don't take the survey, it'll skew the results if you don't answer completely.

Want to say thank you to PuterGeek?
Take a look at the fan page!

About you.

How old are you?
Are you male or female?
Do you like to read?
How long have you owned a computer?
How long have you been on the internet?
Do you share your computer with anyone?
How many computers do you own?
How many of your computers do you use?
If you have multiple computers at home, are they on a network?
What is the most important use for your computer?
Are you the computer Guru to your family and/or friends?
Have you ever built a computer?
Do you know DOS commands and usage?
Have you ever installed Win 3.1?
Have you ever installed Win9x?

About your Computer.
NOTE: If you have more than one, use you main 'puter.

What is your connection speed?
How much ram do you have?
How old is your computer?
Do you plan to upgrade in the next year?
What operating system does you computer use?  (main OS for multi-boot)
What web browser do you use?
What is your current resolution(screen size)

About my website.

Please rate the following from one to ten.  One being the lowest (this sucks!), and ten being the highest (it's perfect!).  If you haven't been through most of  the site yet please choose undecided.  If you have no opinion or are unsure, please choose undecided.
 How would you rate...
How fast pages load.
Ease of navigation.
Site content.
Site layout.
PuterGeek's knowledge.
Correctness of information.
Enjoyment factor.
Eye candy.
Amount of broken links.  (too many?)
Helpfulness of PuterGeek.Com's search engine.
Browser compatibility.
Please rate the following sections and pages.
(based on interest)
White Papers.
Peter's Place.
Amy's Land of Confusion.
My Thoughts.
The PeterCam page.
The Chat page.
The Newsletter page.
Amy's Corner
The Message Board.
PuterGeek.Com's Free web-based E-Mail.

Please fill in the blanks.
The following is optional, but is my favorite part of the survey!  If needed, click here to open a new window at the site map for additional browsing of the website while filling out the survey.

What is your favorite page?  (please give title)
What is your least favorite page?  (please give title)
What should I change?
What should I add?
Do you have any Comments about the website?
Do you have any Comments about the survey?
What is your e-mail address?
What is your name?
Please press the submit button only once.  It may take a couple of moments to take you to the confirmation page.  The reset button will clear the form so you can start over.

Thank you!
Peter Crockett - webmaster

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