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This page is in two sections.  The first section shows the awards that PuterGeek.Com has won.  The second section is comments made by people about PuterGeek.Com, myself, and the free help I give to people.

Awards given to PuterGeek.Com

Please be responsible!

The Fathead award! Just one of the awards I've won :-)
How can I win this award?

Guard our children!

Echo Web Award is presented by echo web. Visit and see if your site has what it takes.

CM Award

"It takes a web-village to raise our awareness, give us courage and dedication to keep the love of teaching alive and free on the web."

This is a pretty Award!

WS Award

Best of the web Award.

What people have to say.

I've thought long and hard about whether or not to put this page up.  I don't want you to think that my ego is so big that I need a page like this.  But others have told me that these comments should be made available for others to read so that folks unfamiliar with my website or myself can see what others think.

All the comments below come from the following sources.  Email that I've received, comments from the website survey, and comments written about either myself or PuterGeek.Com that I've found on the internet.  Names are not given unless the comments can be found on the internet.  Obviously, all you'll find below are the nice ones :-)  Like everyone else, I have my detractors, but since they are so few I won't bother to list them...hehe.

From the Internet

From email and website surveys:

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