Windows 98

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This section will be about Win98.

I personally like Win98.   It's not a brand new Operating System, but it is quite an improvement of Win95 OSR 2.5!  I find it to be more robust, less prone to crashing (if you want a bullet proof OS try Linux!), and generally has a longer life span between re-installs.  The Windows Update page is a good feature.   The only flaw is that some of us prefer to download and save updates/patches for later re-installs.  There are many new utilities to help keep Win98 stable.  As this site grows there will be more pages discussing these.

If you are trying to get info about Win95 please go here.  Please read these pages carefully and print them if possible.  If you do not understand something you read here then please don't act on it!  I will not be held responsible for any problems caused by the misuse of these pages.

Some of what you read here will apply to all versions of Win9x.  If so I'll try to state that at the top of the page.  There may be some pages that are repeated both here and in the Windows 95 section.  I've done this so people can find everything about their O.S. in the proper section.

For a great explanation of how your 'puter boots, go here.

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Last Revised: 01/04/2001