Windows 95

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This section will be about Win95.

The first thing you must know/understand is which version of Win95 you have.  The original release was OSR 1.0. On the general tab of Device Manager it will be shown as "4.00.950".  The service pack release, also known as OSR 1.5 will be shown as "4.00.950A".

The next release was OSR 2.0 and was generally only shipped with new 'puters. (Of course, there were other ways to get it as well!)  This is the version that introduced Fat32, as well as many other updates. This will be shown as "4.00.950b" (Note the lower case "b". I can not verify this, but I have read that OSR 2.0 uses a lower case "b" and OSR 2.1 uses an upper case "B".  If anyone can verify this please contact me.)  I have found this to be incorrect!  I have checked numerous 'puters with both OSR 2.0 as well as OSR 2.1 and found that all of them use an upper case "B".

The next release was OSR 2.1 and I believe only attempted to provide USB support.   This will be shown as "4.00.950B".  The last release of Win95 was OSR 2.5.  This will be shown as "4.00.950C".  This release was also only for new 'puters, and among other things forced an install of Internet Explorer 4.01 with the desktop update.

Some people, myself included feel this to be the worst release.  Whereas OSR 2.1 is considered the most stable of the Win95 releases.

I have read that by modifying the registry either manually or by a bad install of some software, the version number listed in Device Manager may be incorrect.  I have never seen  nor verified this.  Thanks to my friend Andy this has been verified!

If you are trying to get info about Win98 please go here.  Please read these pages carefully and print them if possible.  If you do not understand something you read here then please don't act on it!  I will not be held responsible for any problems caused by the misuse of these pages.

Some of what you read here will apply to all versions of Win9x.  If so I'll try to state that at the top of the page.  There may be some pages that are repeated both here and in the Windows 98 section.  I've done this so people can find everything about their O.S. in the proper section.

For a great explanation of how your 'puter boots, go here.

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Last Revised: 01/04/2001