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Over the last two years thousands of people have visited PuterGeek.Com.  As the website grew, I decided to start a newsletter.  Since Amy and I drive truck for a living and because trucking is more of a lifestyle than just a job, I have mentioned bits and pieces about trucking from time to time in the newsletter and on various pages on the website.

To my amazement, many people have expressed an avid interest in what we have to say about our life on the road.  Hence, this section of the website and the creation of the "Life On The Road" mailing list.

The list is a one way OPT-in e-mail list.  It's not a discussion list, it's a distribution list.  The difference is that you'll receive emails from us, but you can't email the list.  Yes, you can email Amy and I, but you can't email the people that subscribe to this list.

By OPT-in, I mean that you choose to subscribe or unsubscribe.  You will not be on this list unless you subscribe to it.  If you are subscribed to the PuterGeek.Com news newsletter, you are not automatically on this list.  You must subscribe to each list separately.  Subscription and removal info is at the bottom of this page.

Here's what you will get by signing up for this list:

This list is for adults only!  Due to the nature of being truckers (a stereotype I know, but if the shoe fits...), there will be mild profanity, and if you're easily offended please do not join this list.

While the volume of emails you will receive will vary (from 2-6 per day or one in a week), they will all be fairly short (1-2 sentences to 3 paragraphs) and a quick read.  If there is any topic that will take more than a couple of minutes to read, it'll be made into a web page and put into this section of the website.

PuterGeek.Com offers three e-mail lists (or newsletters):

These lists are 100% OPT-in!  The lists are completely separate, and the emails are never sold, traded, or given out to ANYONE!  You can unsubscribe at any time.  Just click on the link to get more info on each list.

Subscription and un-subscription info

To subscribe to the Life On The Road list, simply click here to send us an email, or just send an email to (life_on_the_road...see the underscores) with the subject (in all caps) SUBSCRIBE.

To UNsubscribe to the Life On The Road list at any time, simply click here to send us an email, or just send an email to (life_on_the_road...see the underscores) with the subject (in all caps) UNSUBSCRIBE.

Some notes...

We only check the above email when we have time to stop for a while and have access to a phone line.  This means you might unsubscribe from this list and still get a couple of emails before we realize that you want off.  Please be patient!  As soon as we get online, we will process your request and send you a confirmation.

The same goes if you send in a subscription request.  We will send you a confirmation the next time we get online.

We have other ways to send email to the list besides our laptops, but we can only check this account when online with our laptops or when we're home.

Many of you have more than one email account.  It is very important that you unsubscribe with the same email account that you used to subscribe with.  Otherwise your un-subscription request will fail.

Question? Comment? Problem?

Please use this link or send email to (notice the underscores) if you'd like to contact Amy and Peter Crockett about the List or the Life On The Road section of the website.

Send email about Life On The Road to Amy and Peter at

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Last Revised: 10/20/2000