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What you are about to read is about Amy's and my life on the road as long haul truck drivers.  This section of the website is not suitable for children.  There will be mild profanity on this and the pages to follow.  If you are easily offended please don't read any farther!  These are our opinions, but they are not reflected anywhere else on the website.

In this section, we hope to open your eyes just a bit.  We hope to give you some idea of how we view the road as professional drivers.  You may disagree with some of what you read, but most other truck drivers tend to feel as we do.

Here I take off my webmaster hat, forget about 'putters, grab my chain billfold, sunglasses, and boots and tell you how it is.  Some of what you will read will be what we think of 4-wheelers, commuters, dispatchers, shippers, consignees, teenage drivers, and old men in hats.

As most of you know, PuterGeek.Com has a newsletter about 'putters.  From time to time, I've talked a bit about trucking and our life on the road.  Many people have shown interest in this aspect of our lives, hence, these pages.


The Glossary page will (hopefully) explain some of the unfamiliar terms that you will run into on this and the following pages.  You will find a link to it at the top and bottom of each page.  It will open a new browser window so you won't lose your place :-)

Mail List

The Mail List page talks about a very casual e-mail list I'm starting.  It isn't really a newsletter, just random emails about our daily life on the road, interesting situations we get into, and stuff like that.  Please go to the Mail List page for more info as well as instructions on how to sign-up.  Of course, it's free.


Peter Crockett graduated from AIR truck driving school in 1987.  He has been driving for Ranger Transportation since 1990.

Amy Crockett joined her husband Peter on the road in 1989.  Peter taught Amy how to drive a truck and she became a licensed truck driver in 1991.

In 1994, Amy and Peter were one of nine runners-up for driver of the year for Overdrive magazine.

Both Amy and Peter have received numerous awards from Ranger Transportation for Safety, Log books, Performance, as well as becoming Ambassador Club level 3 members.

Amy and Peter drive an average of 200,000 mile per year and are on the road an average of 280 days per year.  The only time they can count on to be home is from around 12/20 to about 01/05, otherwise their time off is dictated by the repair needs of the truck and their health.

They hope to get off the road (and out of trucking) in May of 2002.  They have no firm plans other than the fact that Peter hopes to get a job in the computer industry in the tech support field.


If you'd like to contact Amy and Peter about these pages please use this email address the underscores... "life_on_the_road", email addresses can't have spaces in them.) 


NEW INFO! 08/23/2002

I got off the road for good in April of 2002.  I now work at a Landstar-Ranger Agency (DOV / RKY).  My primary job is BCOS Retention / New Hires.  Due to my 12+ year background as a driver for Ranger I am well suited for telling folks about the reality of working at Landstar :)

I also do all the 'puter work here in the office as well as work on the newsletter "Landstar-Trucking Newsletter" (LTN).  So the hat I wear seems to change for many different reasons...he.  Feel free to visit our website or the main Landstar website to learn more about the best owner/operator company in the nation!

Send email about Life On The Road to Amy and Peter at

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