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Want to refer-a-friend to my website?

Want to help PuterGeek.Com, myself, and some friends and/or family of yours?  Here's your chance!  Use the form below to tell friends and/or family about my Newsletter!

Do you like my newsletter?  Why not tell a friend or family member about it?  The PuterGeek.Com News newsletter is 100% opt-in!  By that I mean, no one is ever subscribed unless they send me an email requesting to join, then they must reply to an email I send them in return before they are signed up.

At any time, they can opt-out!  Simply by using the unsubscribe form on the newsletter page, I will immediately remove them from the mailing list.  They will never receive another issue unless they re-subscribe again.  It is that easy!

Let me assure you, I will never allow anyone to use my mailing list for anything!

Well, here's an easy way to let people know about PuterGeek.Com News!  By using the form below, my web-server will send an email to the person you list below.  They won't be signed up for anything, nor will their email address (or yours) be used for anything else...EVER!

How it works:

When you click on the submit button after filling out the form below, you will be taken to a "results" page.

At the same time, an email is sent to your friend telling them about PuterGeek.Com News and invites them to take a look at the current issue.  This email comes from you, and tells them that you used the form on this page to do so.

Then an email is sent to you confirming that the form worked, as well as showing you what was sent to your friend.

Finally, an email is sent to me giving me the following info:

This information is ONLY collected to protect you and I!  With this info I can show who used the form and who's name and email they gave.  This info will NEVER be sold, passed out, or used in any other way...EVER!  BTW, chances are this type of information is collected any time you use a form on any website, whether they tell you or not, so please don't get upset, this is a normal practice.

Why should I bother?

Let me be honest here.  I want more people to subscribe to my newsletter!  If you've spent any time browsing around PuterGeek.Com, you have a pretty good idea about what kind of guy I am.  I believe "What goes around, comes around.".  This whole website, and the newsletter is about helping people with their 'puters and I want to get the word out.

There are many, many newsletters on the internet and it's impossible to read them all!  So how do we decide which newsletters to subscribe to?  Search engines are one choice.  Links from another website is another.  But the best choice is to subscribe to a newsletter  that a friend or family member recommends!

This is where you come in :-)  By helping me you're also telling friends and family about a great newsletter that can be of great help to them!

Here's the email:

Here's a sample of the email your friend will receive when you use the form...

To: Amy
Subject: Amy - This is a great Newsletter!

I just used a form at PuterGeek.Com
to send you this email. Don't worry, you're not on any "list"!

Peter Crockett, the webmaster at PuterGeek.Com, puts out this really
cool FREE newsletter. It's sent out by email 1 to 5 times per month.
I really like it and thought you should take a look at it yourself!

Here's what the PuterGeek has to say about it...

"I have an informal newsletter that I put
out on an irregular (1-5 times a month)
basis. It is totally free, as well
as SPAM free!

Rest assured, I will never give
out your email to anyone! Ever!

The newsletter includes information on
changes to the PuterGeek.Com website,
occasional personal news, tips, tricks,
tweaks, warnings, reviews, and whatever
else I can think of (grin) including tidbits
from all the newsletters I subscribe to.

The average newsletter contains the
best tidbits from 30-60 newsletters
that I've received condensed down
to a more manageable/comfortable read."

I think you should give it a try! If you don't like it, you can
easily unsubscribe. PuterGeek even helps people with their computer
problems by email for free!

To sign up go to

If you'd like to read the current issue go to


Remember, your friend will NOT be signed up for anything, nor will your email address or your friend's email address be used for anything else!  Please only use this form to recommend my newsletter to people you know.  While I do want to get the word out....I hate SPAM, and sending this to strangers is SPAM!

The form:

All fields are required to send the form.
Your Name:
Your Email:
Your Friend's Name:
Friend's Email:

Please click the "Tell a friend" button only once!

Thanks for taking the time to fill out the Refer-A-Friend form!  Please feel free to use it as often as you'd like :-)  Would you also like to refer-a-friend to my website?

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