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Real time vs 'puter time.
This is me!

Hello I'm Richard Peter Crockett. I like to be called Peter. I was born in Portland, Oregon on Feb. 23 1962.  Father Bob C. (Bob) Crockett born in Portland, OR. April 8 1932 died Jan.1987.  Mother Elizabeth Josephine (B.J.) Crockett nee' Smith born in Worthington, MN. Feb. 23 1938.  Brother Thomas Charles (Tom) Crockett born in Portland, OR. May 28 1959.

Anyone wishing genealogy info please e-mail me
with a contact name and phone number.
I have extensive records available to those interested !

I grew up in Portland, Oregon and didn't move away till 1989. As a child I remember the homes we lived in by color (weird I know). Until kindergarten we lived in the yellow house. Located near 60th and N.E. Cully blvd.

Then we moved to the green house at 4526 S.E. 62nd. This is the home with the most memories for me. All the things city kids do growing up I did at that house.   Across the street was a church (I don't remember the name) and that was our playground.  We had a small bell mounted next to the front door and whenever our Mom wanted us she would ring that bell.  I went to Arleta grade school and the two teachers I remember most are Mr. Hobbs and Mr. McKnight.  I feel that these two teachers had quite a bit to do with the person I am today.  I wish to thank them for everything they taught me.  Both in school and in life.

My first year of high school was spent at Franklin H. S.  That summer we moved far away... That is, to a suburb called Rockwood out by 181 and N.E. Glisan.  For a city kid this was the boonies... no street lights.... crickets at night etc...  I even had to take a bus to school.  It was different, very different.  The kids were strange, (or so it seemed to me at the time) life in general changed.
In 1987 I went to school to become a truck driver.  I pulled a flatbed hauling lumber and steel in the 5 northwestern states.  In 1988 (during the spotted owl stupidity)
In 1989 I moved to Massillon, Ohio (home of the Massillon Tigers!).   Shortly after moving to the Midwest I got a job with a small fleet owner pulling vans 48 states plus Canada.

Well thanks to my computer addiction, I find myself
trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life.
I'm completely self-taught to now, however I find that
my computer education is not very well rounded.

I first got my computer to play games on.  (My brother Tom taught me the basics of DOS). Then I became fascinated with getting the most conventional memory possible, trying out Ram-drives, and teaching myself how to write batch files.

Pretty soon I didn't have much free time to play games. THEN Win95 came out...  I was one of those people that bought it at 12:01 am.  At first I hated it... at one point I even formatted and went back to DOS! Then I bought some books... joined some mailing lists etc... and started tearing into it. I was hooked! By this time I was trying to find short loads so I could have more time on my computer.

So here I am, off the road.  I'm currently setting up networks for small businesses.   I don't want to go back to collage so I think I'll start some of the Microsoft Certification classes. Also I hope to get a job at either a computer store, or as a tech support person (I can talk to anybody about anything as long as they're willing to listen!). 

Updated 11/08/97

I guess it's about time to bring this up to date.  In late July (feeling kind of desperate) I got a job at the Best Buy in Canton, Ohio.   It was quite an experience to work there.  As for as computer knowledge went I felt pretty smart. ( Now ain't that a scary thought!)  The discount was nice too.   But I just felt I wasn't a Best Buy kind of guy.  In the middle of October I finally convinced the guys at Quality Computers to give me a shot.  BTW they're in downtown Massillon, Ohio. Phone #330-833-1250.  And compared to these guys and gals I'm just plain dumb!  This is where I've been getting all my computer stuff for the last 3-4 years.  They also ship nationwide so if you're looking for parts or a complete system you might give us a call.
OK, OK, enough ads (g).

Updated 10/23/98

Well it's been awhile since I've messed with my site.  A lot has changed since last time. I'm back to driving truck long-haul.  I missed the money!   So if you email me be aware that I tend to be gone for about 3-4 weeks at a time.   My interests haven't changed much, but trucking is in my blood.

Updated 03/11/99

I've been re-reading all this stuff.  I thought about tossing all of it.  But for what it's worth it is me.  So even though I'm changing the look and feel of the whole site I decided to leave the above content for posterity.

Here's a quick recap of the recent past...  In May of 1997 I got off the road.   While I enjoyed the life at home I couldn't find a job I was happy at.  So in May 1998 I went back on the road driving truck long-haul for the same company.  And that's what I'm doing today.  In fact this is being written on my laptop while I'm waiting to be loaded at Apple Computer in Elk Grove, Ca.

I still wish I could find a job in the computer industry that I would enjoy.  If any of you think I would be happy/useful in your business feel free to email me!

Updated 01/03/2000

Sheesh!  I didn't realize it has been so long since I've updated this page!  Well...let's see....We drove 186,000 miles in 1999, we were home for 49 days....and ...let me see....I did 3 installs of Linux (2 'puters), and 23 installs of Win9.x (5 'puters) at home.  What does that tell you about Win9.x?

We definitely plan to get off the road forever in April of 2002!  Man, that sounds horrible!  While yes, time does go by faster as I get older, it still seems like the above date is forever!  Now if I can just figure out what I'll do for a job when we quit driving truck.  Any suggestions/job offers? (hehe)

 Of course I'll try Windows 2000 when it releases.  Maybe then we can finally get a stable Windows platform we can game on.  I am doing well health-wise, except that I needed a new eyeglass prescription after only 14 months!  I NOW use 3 pair of glasses, sunglasses, night-time glasses, and (gasp!) reading glasses.  This really sucks!  

Updated 06/18/2000

Well last Wednesday we were sitting in Grand Island, Nebraska looking for a load.  Since my brother Tom's 13yr old Cairn Terrier had just passed away and he was going to deliver a load here on Friday we decided to get him a new pup.

While looking we found a cute 9 week old Rat Terrier at a pet store.  After talking to Tom he decided it wasn't for him...of course the pup was right for me.  So we bought him.

Then we drove 142 miles to a breeder who had 3 West Highland White Terrier (Westie) pups available.  One was just right for Tom so we got him and drove 142 miles back to where we had left our trailer.

On Thursday we took the pups to the vet to get a clean bill of health, pick up supplies, and so on.

That afternoon we found out our load would be ready that night going to Reno, Nevada.  So here we are with one dog and two young puppies in our truck with our load ready to go.

We met up with Tom at Laramie, Wyoming Friday morning to give him his pup.

I've decided to name my new pup Milo.

Updated 06/23/2000

I had minor (out-patient) surgery today.  I had ... "droopy eye syndrome".  Don't laugh!  It's real.  My left eyelid became lazy.  It would hang down slightly, but worse yet, when asleep it would open partially which would cause my eye to get too dry.  This would cause me to get matter in my eye (sand, sleep, grit) all day long causing blurred vision.

This problem has been going on for about 18 months.  I've gone to four different doctors about it.  They said things like infection, allergies, dry eyes, and not enough tear flow.  The last doctor finally got it right!  To prove his theory he had me put this cream in my eye and put a patch on it when I went to sleep.  Any night I kept the patch on all night my eye was fine the whole next day!

So today I had the surgery.  Instead of knocking me completely out, they decided to do "twilight sleep".  Which meant that while I was drowsy and mellow, I was awake for the whole thing!  It was pretty gross!

Updated 10/27/2000

Man!  Do I feel old (grin).  It seems that time is just flying by!  I will be getting off the truck in about 18 months.  It's not a choice any more.  It turns out that the way I sleep in a moving truck is what damaged my left eyelid, and it looks like if I don't get off the truck soon I'll need another eyelid surgery.

To top it all off, my night-vision seems to be getting worse as well....not good for the guy who drives the night shift!

But all is not as bad as it seems.  My addiction to 'puters is getting stronger day by day!  So I am quite ready to get off the road.  I wonder what type of job I'll get, whether it'll be in the tech support field, or in something else.  Of course, if any of you are looking for someone like me...hehe...feel free to email me!

Don't push this button!
It's only for my use!

This is my motto:

"People may love me, People may hate me, but they'll never forget me!"



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