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Issue # 24

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Hello everybody,
Just a quick note before we go back on the road. A few changes were
made to the website. Since I hate frames and Because Andy was nice
enough figure out a script (thank you Andy) The PeterCam page has a
new look www.putergeek.com/petercam.htm Only the images update now!
Also the chat page is much cleaner, no more frames, no intro page,
both cams on it, and again, only the cam images are updated!
www.putergeek.com/chat.htm Come by and take a look sometime (of
course if I'm on the road in might not be too interesting <grin>).
For those of you who were curious, the red haired guy that was in the
PeterCam the last couple of weeks (while the Linux cam was down) was
my guru Andy.

Some say DOS is dead. Well, not me! How many of you have used a boot
disk? Ever wish it had networking support? I'd always heard that DOS
networking was a nightmare, and while it's not super easy, it really
isn't too tough. Microsoft has some free (gasp) DOS networking
add-ons and you can get them from ftp.microsoft.com or from my FTP
site http://www.putergeek.com/ftpsite.html in the
/geekstuff/DOS_Network_stuff folder. Of the two clients I prefer the
"msclient". This is kind of geeky so you'll have to do some reading
and be sure to get the "readme.txt" too.

Now on with the good stuff...

>From Lockergnome www.lockergnome.com

eCleaner v2.01 [443k] W9x/NT FREE


{Strip extraneous garbage from e-mails} By now, you've heard of a
utility called 'The Cleaner.' No? Well, this is the same program; it
sports a new name as well as other small enhancements. Situation: you
get a forwarded e-mail message with a zillion '>' symbols in it.
Solution: copy/paste the entire message into this program. On top of
stripping out the 'greater thans,' it'll get rid of the carriage
returns made in the middle of sentences. It sparkles!
NOTE: I use this and love it!

Well that's it for now...We've got to pick up our load by 1pm..

Peter Crockett - webmaster
website: http://www.putergeek.com
mailto: webmaster@putergeek.com
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