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Issue # 6

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Hello everybody,

Just a quickie from the Langa List.....


More on "Y2K BS"

Last issue's article on Y2K BS (see
http://www.langa.com/newsletters/Jul-06-99.htm#y2k ) also
generated some excellent reader mail, but this was a lot
more serious than the for-fun PT Barnum information.

Reader Jeff Brielmaier wrote:
     Worse than Y2K test programs that claim you
     need to buy the "retail" version are the folks
     trying to hawk the plug-in ISA cards that claim to
     fix the Y2K problem. Reading their web pages, most
     people will think that their life/data is at risk
     if they don't buy the card.
    There are *free* Downloadable Y2K O/S
     drivers available. Below are three that I've
     found. So, for those folks that have a non-Y2K
     complaint system, perhaps one of these free
     drivers will keep them going without having to
     spend their $$$ for a "commercial"

     Acer (DOS/Win3x/Win9x/WinNT/Novell4):

     Dell (DOS/Win3x/Win9x):

     Holmes (DOS):
Thanks, Jeff!

******************end quote******************

I think it's about time to be really careful if you're thinking of buying a used 'puter.  While some people say Y2K isn't a problem, it could still be a major pain in the ***.

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