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Hello all,

This is just a quick news flash.  Windows 98 SE (Second Edition) is now available!  The full version and upgrade for Win95 and Win3.1 users is available at your favorite retail store.  As for the upgrade for current Win98 users, it's only available here.  If you'd like more info about the SE version click here.

From Windows-Help.Net

"Internet Explorer Repair Tool
Internet Explorer includes a new Repair tool, which can be used to diagnose
and possibly fix problems with Internet Explorer 5. This tool has the
following features:

Identify problems with Internet Explorer caused by the presence of files
that are out of date
Fix problems caused by the incorrect or incomplete registration of Internet
Explorer files
Restore or repair the desktop or Start Menu shortcuts for Internet Explorer
that have been deleted or do not function properly
To access the Internet Explorer 5 Repair Tool:

Click Start > Settings > Control Panel, then double-click Add/Remove
On the Install/Uninstall tab, click Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and
Internet Tools, click Add/Remove, click the Repair Internet Explorer option,
and then click OK"

If you'd like to see the whole page click here.  This is just an example of the info they give, and it's one of the many places I learn from!

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