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Today I want to talk about ways new Win95 users can get info and help.   When I first started using Win95 I bought two books, "Windows95 For Dummies", and "Windows 95 Secrets". Both are good books, the "For Dummies" book is a must read for people who are new to computing.  There are many other "For Dummies" books available on different computer subjects.  I find that when I start learning something new, those books are a good place to start.   Please note, they are rather basic... but if you're like me, you're kinda nervous when you start down a new path.  And these books are a great beginning!

Now the "Windows 95 Secrets" book is a very good reference to keep by your table.  (I still thumb though it now and again) It takes Win95 and breaks it into bite size chunks.  It has a great index too.  "You can also get Windows 98 Secrets" as well as "Windows 2000 Secrets".

Want to set up Peer to Peer networking? (Want to see my page on networks?)  It'll tell you.  Want to change how your computer boots up?  That's there too.  How bout how to change the font size in "windows explorer"? The "manual" that came with Win95 (such as it is) won't tell you any of this stuff!

That's another question.... Why would Microsoft unveil a dramatic new/upgrade product and not tell you how to use it?  They claim that by the user exploring Win95 they will learn everything they need to know about the Operating System.  They've also stated (at least to me) that "Nobody reads the manuals anyway".  I say HORSE S**T!

I feel that was about the worst mistake they could've made.  It took me the better part of a year to like Win95, in part due to the fact that it took that long just to learn to use it well.

(Deep breath)

Besides various books available, there are quite a few resources available on the Internet.

Some of my favorites are "The Win95-L Give and Take List" (this is a mail list that you can subscribe to free), "Windows Annoyances" (a great web site with fixes, hacks, utilities, and much more) "The Microsoft Knowledge Base" (all the info on Microsoft products, bugs, fixes, FAQ's, and yes even some hacks (grin) Written by Microsoft).

If you're new to Win9x just remember, there's a lot of help out here just waiting for you!

Here's some more help for the newbie.  Take a look at Amy's Corner.  Written by a user for users.

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Last Revised: 10/20/2000