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This page is going to be permanently under construction (g).   I'm just starting to learn about Linux.  While IMHO it can't replace Win9x, it can do many, many things better than the other guys.  My server at home has been up as of this writing for 15 days, 11 hours, and 16 minutes without a reboot.  Now some of you might say "so what?"  Well, if you actually use Win9x to do anything I'd be surprised if you didn't reboot at least every 3-4 days for one reason or another.   I decided to look into Linux because I'd heard about it's stability, low system requirements, and of course, because it's free!  If you've read about me then you know that I'm self-taught and learn primarily from reading and trashing my system (g).   This means that Linux is a tough row to hoe for me.  I'm lucky to have such a good friend as Andy!  He's been into Linux for many years and compared to me he's a genius!  He's the SysAdmin for my server while I'm learning and of course I pester him with silly, basic questions all the time as well.

Anyway, for now, this page won't be too informative.  It'll primarily be about how I'm progressing, any neat stuff I've learned, my thoughts about Linux/UNIX, and whatever else I deem relevant.  Of course, like the rest of my site, comments are always welcome!

What can you do with Linux?

Let me tell you about my server.  First, the stats:

CPU P55C 233 (Pentium 233MMX)
Motherboard VIA model P2007 Apolla chipset w/1024K of L2 cache
Memory 128megs of 70ns EDO memory in 4-16 meg SIMMs
Floppy drive Teac
Hard drives Quantum Fireballs 7.8 gig and 4.3gig
Video card Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 (virge DX) 4megs of memory
Network card 3 from 3com(PCI)
Internet connection Cable modem 512Kbit downstream, 256Kbit upstream
Operating System SuSE 6.3 kernel 2.2.13

For the geeks out there, here's a printout of "top"

Click to see a bigger/cleaner image.

Why use a server at home?

Well let's see, between my brother, my wife, and I, we have 4 desktops and 3 laptops and we need/want internet connections for all of them.  I dislike proxy servers (even Wingate!) and if the desktop running the proxy needs to be rebooted, I'd have to be sure no one was in the middle of a long download (what a major pain).  Then I started an FTP site for my friends and while I had a decent FTP server for Win9x, it wasn't robust enough (and again, the reboot problem).  By this time I had decided to make a new system from my spare parts and hence Linux.

This is what the server is doing now.  IP mask (better than a proxy and a firewall), FTP server, IRC server, Quake3 server, The PeterCam as well as multiple small tasks.  The ability to customize is awesome!  My IRC client starts on bootup and beeps whenever anyone joins or types (so I don't have to watch it all the time).  IMHO, utilities like telnet, ping, traceroute, ftp, and other internet programs are far better than anything Win9x has to offer.

I haven't talked about stuff like better security, or the GPL simply because there are better resources to get that info.  This page(s) is simply to put across my personal feelings about Linux.  As well as the trials and joys that I've had while learning.  Be sure to check out the "What's New?" page to see any recent comments.

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Last Revised: 10/20/2000