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While some people say that "DOS is dead", I disagree.

Even if you use Win9x, DOS is still around.  It plays a smaller part but is still very useful.   Many install programs use DOS routines during and after the install.  Win98 itself uses DOS routines every time you turn on your 'puter.  There are still many games that can only be played in DOS.  I feel that while DOS is somewhat limited, it is very powerful and robust!

If Win9x ever breaks it can't be fixed/re-installed without using DOS.  Some low level commands like FORMAT and FDISK are DOS only commands.  So while some say that "DOS is dead" and "why learn DOS", I maintain that not only is DOS still needed, it is also a very good foundation for those who wish to learn more about 'puters.

Unless stated otherwise, what you read in the following pages will apply to all versions of MS-DOS version 6.22 and newer.  While there are many different *flavors* of DOS (MS-DOS, PC-DOS, and DR-DOS to name a few) I'm only familiar with Microsoft (MS) DOS.

Since DOS is seldom used as a primary OS (so it seems) anymore, there probably won't be too many pages here.  As I find a need I'll add more pages.

DOS stands for

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