My Thoughts on Abortion

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This is my personal opinion.  Don't get mad or upset till you read the whole page.  You're welcome to disagree with me and tell me why, but please no hate mail :-)

Tell me what you think.

I've been wanting to write about abortion for quite a while.  Every time I got to thinking about it I started worrying about what all of you would think.  I know abortion is a touchy subject...I guess that's why I want to write about it. :-)

First let me state some general guidelines here.  I see a number of separate issues here, one moral and one legal.

The legal issue is not in my control to decide (whew!), and while I will give my thoughts on whether or not abortion should be legal, that's not my greatest concern.

The moral issue is the other area of great focus.  Is it moral to have an abortion?  Who decides?  Is a fetus a baby?  If so, at what age?

Within the moral issue I see two different areas of concern, public morality and religious morality.

The last issue about abortion that I want to discuss is why get into a situation that ends in aborting a fetus/baby?  With education (good or bad) the way it is, all the available services to people of all ages (that's another topic), and plain old fashioned common sense, why does abortion have to happen?

The short version.

Here's the short version on what I think of abortion.  To see all my thinking read the whole page.

First I think it should be legal to abort a fetus/baby.  If it's not legal, we'll go back to the days of back-alley abortions.  Also, I truly feel that this is a moral issue and should not be a legal issue.

On moral grounds, I feel abortion is wrong!  I believe that a "fetus" is a baby!  It's an unborn child!  You say, "But you're a guy!  It's easy for you to say that!"  Well, while it is a fact that I'm male, it doesn't change the fact that abortion ends a life.

Why abort an unborn child when there are so many alternatives?  What about adoption?  What about abstinence?  What about family?  Here's a good about contraception?

The long version.

I know that abortion is a hot topic.  I imagine that everybody has a strong opinion about abortion.  Family members fight about whether it's right or wrong to abort a child.  Abortion clinics get attacked.  You read about and hear about demonstrations for and against abortion.  Are you pro life, or pro choice?  People say there's no middle ground, you're either for it or against it.

When I tell people how I feel about abortion, the "pro-lifers" say I'm pro-choice and get mad.  The "pro-choice crowd" say I'm pro-life (and if I'm speaking to a woman she always says "That's easy for you to say, you're a guy!").  So obviously I am in the middle ground since both groups detest me. :-)

I know I'm an example of the male of the species.  I realize that men do have a responsibility here.  But the simple fact is it's a woman who gets pregnant!  It's the woman who either aborts the child or attempts to carry the baby to term!  What it comes down to is this... it must be her choice!  I am against abortion!  I would have a very hard time dealing with a friend or family member who would choose to abort a child. (I thank GOD that this situation has never occurred!)

What about the women who use abortion as a form of contraception?  I have nothing but contempt for women who can't take responsibility for their actions!  Yes!  It "takes two to tango" but the buck stops with her body.  Is this fair you ask?  Nope!  But who said life is fair?  What about the married couple who have children and who suddenly find themselves about to have another child when they can't afford "another mouth to feed"?  Should they abort the unborn child?  Nope!  There are many other, better choices available!

Now you say "But you're arguing both sides of the fence!"  No, I'm not!  I do not have the (and should not) legal right to tell a woman she cannot abort a child.  As for public morality, I cannot force her to not have an abortion.  I can tell her my opinion and why.  I can choose not to associate with her anymore because she doesn't agree with me and I feel too strongly about abortion to ever see, speak, or be around her again.  When it comes to religious morality, I believe that is between her and GOD.  When her time of judgment comes, what I think, say, or feel will have nothing to do with it.

In order to understand my opinions on the religious morality of abortion I'll have to give you the short version on my religious beliefs.

If I must be labeled, I'll call myself a "non practicing Christian".  I do believe in GOD.  That His son Jesus died for our sins.  That the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ.  Whether I'm a good Christian or a bad Christian is between GOD and myself.  I believe that aborting a baby is killing an unborn child and that killing is a sin. 

Yes, I smoke, drink, cuss, and have "unclean" thoughts.  Since I can't stand the holier-than-thou mentality of churches and most Christians, I don't attend church and I stay away from religious anything!  "People in glass houses should not throw stones!"  'Nuff said!

What about rape?  What about if the woman's life is at risk if she doesn't abort the baby?  What about if tests show the fetus to be defective, should she have an abortion? What about a mistake in her youth, should she have an abortion rather than have a child while she herself is a child?

These are all very tough questions.  While I have opinions on some of them, when the crunch came I could easily think different.  That is why it should not be my decision!

I have never had to answer any of the above questions for real (thank GOD).

If my wife was raped and became pregnant, what would I want?  I don't know...I really don't.

If my wife life was at risk due to a pregnancy, what would I want?  The answer is quick and very selfish...I would ask her to have an abortion.  I don't think I could love a child when the birth of the child caused the death of my wife.  My wife is more important to me than an unknown, unborn child.

What if my wife were pregnant and tests were to show the fetus to be defective, what would I want?  Again, my selfishness rises to the surface, I would vote for an abortion.  I can only think about how hard life would be in that situation.

Sounds like the worm has turned, doesn't it?  It's easy to say "This is my opinion.", but when it comes right down to it, "WHAT WILL YOU DO?".....

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